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I married my husband Ethan in 2014 in coastal Maine on a rainy October day. It was one of the most magical and beautiful days of our lives. Only second to the day our daughter Lila was born. Also a rainy day, this time in September 2 years later. I often wonder if it was no coincidence that these days were both as foggy and ethereal as they were. My heart feels happy and grounded on a rainy day tucked at home, cozy and warm. I guess it's a chance to slow down and reflect on the life we've created. I tell you this all because I would say it describes the style you'll most encounter on my blog. Ethereal. Moody in imagery and colors. Happy in every thing else.

I named my blog Bravo! Jenny first for the most obvious reason, it's my name. The second being I am known as a bit of a Jack of All Trades. I am a curious person, always hungry for experience, and have a real love of small business and entrepreneurship. After graduating with my B.B.A. in Marketing from Loyola University Chicago, I moved to NYC to pursue a lifelong passion in cooking and nutrition. I attended the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts while also working to become certified in Health Coaching. I spent about a year as a personal chef for individuals and families in the city, but quickly discovered I prefer to be an educator. When we moved to Maine I decided to focus on coaching and educating, and I've been practicing at the Integrative Health Center of Maine ever since. When I'm not talking food and wellness, I spend my time vintage prop and home decor shopping. I have found inspiration in so many new ways by stepping away from food every once in a while. I just love it.

This blog is a landing place for all of those experiences. My adventures in recipe development and health education. My life as a mom and wife in coastal Maine. And my passion for styling and vintage home decor.

Thanks for being here.

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bravo! |ˈbrävō|


bravo; plural
bravos; plural

  1. a shout of approval—often used interjectionally in applauding a performance

  2. used in the context of artistic performances and public exhibitions to denote someone's ability or specific well-doing


1755-65: late 16th century: from Italian, from bravo ‘bold (one)’


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