The Bravos

I'm so excited to introduce you to my little family. They're the people I spend my days with, and to get to know me better you must know them. So please, 

Meet Lila.

Our 1.5 year old daughter, named after her great-grandmother. She's giggly, easy-going, adventurous, inquisitive, & a total joy. 

Meet Bence.

Our 2.5 year old Vizsla. He was our first baby and is still really the baby in the house. He's needy, loving, snuggly, energetic, & all around as sweet as can be.

Meet Ethan.

The husband. Kind, strong, gentle, loyal, empathetic, and well, a total looker. 

Meet Jenn.

That's me, of course! The mom, wife, and voice behind the blog. I'm outgoing, sensitive and a bit of a perfectionist. Learn more about me here. 

My Sharing Policy

The hardest thing about blogging is balancing transparency and privacy. I feel it strongly now that I have a little one who I want to share with the world, and yet protect from it, too. So here's my plan: 

I aim to share the good and the inspiring, but to always be transparent about the realities of being a woman, a wife, a mom, and a professional as they pertain to me. I keep private the areas of my family life that are not mine alone to share. 

If you would like to republish any of my posts or imagery, please contact me first

A huge thank you to my darling friends and photographers for capturing the lovely images you see here today!

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Greta Tucker Photo

Mariah Cropley Photo