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Wedding Welcome Bags

Jennifer BravoComment
Wedding Welcome  Bags

I am a huge believer that it's the little things that matter most.

And I felt no different when it came to planning our wedding. We had asked all of our guests to travel up the coast of Maine, in a relatively remote area. It was no small feat for our guests to join us that weekend, and I wanted to thank them by thinking of everything to accommodate their stay. One of my favorite details was the welcome bags that each guest discovered in their rooms upon their arrival. Our parents offered to help plan schooner rides, lobster bakes, bonfires and cocktail hours. We recommended scenic drives, hikes and restaurants to stop at along the coast. To create the bag we ordered flour sack bags that had our monogram stamped on the front. To fill it we had the weekend itinerary and wedding schedule printed, our favorite treats wrapped nicely, and we made a little hangover kit with a few bottles of water. It was an easy detail that I had a ton of fun creating, and I know the guests appreciated a little "hello" when they arrived. 

Photo credit: Hello Love Photography