Our Wedding

I'm sure everybody says this.

But our wedding was truly the most magical weekend ever. The weather was far from perfect, but there's so much beauty in the imperfect, especially in the ever-dreamy coast of Maine. We had misty fog and rain, but that fog surrounded our little island and made us believing we were the only people in the world. And that was truly magical.

We kept planning our wedding around three words: intimate, whimsical, and etherial. We brought in natural greenery and soft tones for our florals to enhance the nature around us and make it whimsical. We planned detail after detail to help make it feel intimate. But what we couldn't plan for is what helped to make it the most etherial of all, and that was fog and rain. We were surrounded by friends and family, dancing to the music of a live band while the rain poured down outside our tent. And it was perfectly intimate, whimsical, and etherial. 

I've linked our incredible vendors at the bottom, and I can tell you without a doubt that if we didn't have such amazingly talented people helping us, like our designer Emily who actually brought my dreams to life, our floral designer Laurie who blew me away with her arrangements and installations, or our photographer Casey who captured them all flawlessly, our weekend wouldn't have been so special.

Photo credit: Hello Love Photography