Jennifer Bravo

Lila's First Birthday Party

Jennifer Bravo
Lila's First Birthday Party

I can't believe Lila is one.

We had an incredible afternoon spent with family and friends that lasted well after the birthday girl went to bed. Celebrating a one year old is really nothing more than a celebration that the parents survived the first year anyway. Lila handled the crowd wonderfully, was curious about the birthday song, and absolutely loved her smash cake. It took her a few minutes to realize the sugary goodness in front of her, but once she did she shared it with her entire face, then me and her dad. It was a lovely afternoon, and we are so thankful to everyone who helped and came to celebrate. 

Theme & Decorations

The theme was a take on a French children's storybook that I imagined up with the inspiration of the Meri Meri party suite I found on Amazon. I used the muted primary colors in the party suite to tie everything together, mainly using polka-dots as the anchor in design. I decorated with tons and tons of balloons (we're talking 5 containers of helium), some of the decor items linked below, and florals designed by my very talented florist sister-in-law. We got a Fuijfilm Instax camera for everyone to take polaroids, and to create a time capsule notebook for Lila to open on her 18th birthday. It was a fun way to have everyone share advice, well wishes, and stories with Lila when she can actually understand the love that has surrounded her since she was born. 


We hired a food truck to cater "kid food with a twist". The truck is PB&ME, and they serve different takes on fried peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, different varieties of grilled cheese, and sweets. We had three beautiful cakes made by a local bakery, one was cookie dough, another was carrot cake, and the last was a funfetti birthday cake. Oh and I can't forget we had a smash cupcake made for Lila. They were absolutely beautiful and tasted amazing.


We ordered bulk candy and clear plastic containers, and filled them with the primary color candy to send home with everyone. We used sour poppers, m&m's, reeves pieces, and gummy bears. Honestly, we ended up with too much sweets and candy. Next time, which won't be until she's old enough to ask for a big party (ha!), we'll reduce the treats by at least half. 


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