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Your Body / Your Way



3/23, 4:30pm


(free for Honor Insider Members & Current Portland Health Coaching Clients)

Diet and exercise culture have failed us for too long. Calories have been vilified, moving has become a chore. We've had enough, and we know you have too. 

Shannon Osborne is the owner of Honor Movement Studio in Portland and creator of The Honor Method: a wholistic approach to fitness. Jennifer Bravo is a trained chef, and a health coach certified in both the HAES and Intuitive Eating methods.

Jennifer and Shannon share 15 years of experience in their fields - and they are on a mission to put the power back where it belongs: in your hands.

Here’s the thing: eating and moving are supposed to be JOYFUL experiences in our lives. Yet SO many of us struggle with what we “should” be eating or that we “need” to work out. With a constant onslaught of information it can be hard to listen to the only person who really knows: YOU.

Ready to take your power back? JOIN US. No dogma - no gurus. YOUR BODY - YOUR WAY. You'll walk away we a new knowledge of the actual science behind intuitive eating and movement, and tools to take your power back. 

This workshop is perfect for anyone curious about Intuitive Eating and Movement, regardless of where you are on your journey! Sign up here by clicking this link!

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